Primer-Adhesion Promoter

Description :

3M K520 Adhesion Promoter is a liquid primer used to improve the adhesion of 3M acrylic foam tapes to polyolefin-based substrates such as thermoplastic olefins (TPO), polypropylene (PP) and EPDM rubber.

Application Summary :

K520 Adhesion Promoter has been specially formulated to be used with 3M acrylic foam tapes for automotive applications, but may also be used to improve the bond between acrylic foams and the abovementioned substrates for any industry.

Quality Control Info :
  • All products are subject to strict quality checks according to the latest ISO 9001 Quality Standards.
  • Tape Shapes ensures high product Quality in the following ways:
    The raw material is checked on arrival from our suppliers. Spot checks are carried out during the manufacturing processes. A final inspection is conducted prior to shipping.